In-Stock Granite Countertops


2cm vs 3cm and Door Shop 2016

  • Nutmeg
  • Tan Brown
    Tan Brown
  • Diamond Flower Ogee
    Diamond Flower Ogee
  • Giallo Ornomental
    Giallo Ornomental
  • Yellow Butterfly
    Yellow Butterfly
  • Verde Butterfly
    Verde Butterfly
  • Queen Vein
    Queen Vein
  • Kashmir Gold
    Kashmir Gold
  • St. Cecilia Yellow
    St. Cecilia Yellow
  • Tiger Skin Red
    Tiger Skin Red
  • UBA TUBA 3CM Available in 5FT, 9FT and 3x6 Island
  • G. ORNAMENTAL 3CM Available in 5FT, 9FT and 3x6 Island
  • DIAMOND FLOWER 3 CM Available in 5FT, 9FT and 3x6 Island
  • CARRERA WHITE 3CM Available in 5FT, 9FT and 3x6 Island
  • BIANCO ANTICO 3CM Available in 5FT and 9FT
  • BIANCO ROMANO 3CM Available in 5FT, 9FT, and 3x6 Island
  • ABSOLUTE BLACK 3CM Available in 5FT, 9FT and 3x6 Island
  • NUT MEG 2CM Available in 8FT

Granite Stone at Builders Surplus

“Kitchen Countertops in Various Granite Colors”

YEE HAA!!! Let us help you take care of your kitchen countertop ideas. Our Kitchen Design Showroom allows for you to see examples of kitchens at various price points. Granite is a natural rock that is pleasing to the eye. Granite stone countertops are easy to clean and require little maintenance. At Builders Surplus, we suggest that you seal your granite every 3-4 years to protect it against wear and tear. With more than 30 kitchen countertop options, we have exactly what you need.

Samples of our granite stone colors can be found in our surplus warehouse.

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